Sun 09 Jun 2024
German All Stars Football Club Singapore
The West Face
Match report GAS III vs. West Face

Match report GAS III vs. West Face

Marco Reichel30 Jun - 12:45
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We didn’t really know what to expect against this new team for us as they only scored 5 points out of 8 matches but lost most of the matches fairly tight and scored multiple draws against top teams in the league.

The start was delayed as West Face did not have enough players (and maybe partially also because someone from us forgot our jerseys in the trunk of the Grab driver…). The shake hands started against 7 West Face players but once the match started, they were basically with 11 players on the pitch. As requested by deputy coach Markus, we started pressing high in the first quarter of the match which helped scoring an early 1:0 by Markus in the 5th minute. Markus further scored the 2:0 with a free kick goal supported by the keepers positioning on the line in the 33th minute and Christian B. with 3:0 by header after precise corner by Steffen in the 36th minute in a phase in which the opponent got slightly more grip on the pitch. A very questionable penalty for West Face by supposedly hand by Ebi resulted in the 3:1 just two minutes before half time. The next twenty after the break were slightly more in favor of West Face, supported by some rather interesting referee decisions and West Face narrowed down the result to 3:2 but just before the water break, Steffen scored the 4:2 in the by penalty shortly before the second water break. The overall intensity came down in the last quarter of the match with none of the teams creating good chance as both defense line doing a proper job so that our triumph was not really in danger towards the end of the match.

With that win, we have strengthened our position in the midfield of the league and most importantly, we sent off long standing GAS III players Markus Brandt and Steffen Hessel in a positive spirit on the their farewell match. All the best to you both and big thanks for your contributions on and off the pitch for many years. You both will be truly missed

Man of the Match : Steffen Hessel
Match Report : Andreas Kuhnert

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Sun 09 Jun 2024


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