GAS Zweite Legenden
Sun 28 Apr 2024
German All Stars Football Club Singapore
GAS Zweite Legenden
GAS Zweite vs. MYK FC

GAS Zweite vs. MYK FC

Marco Reichel10 May - 13:27
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Game vs. MYK started 25 minutes late, due to the usual lightning alert at GESS.

Squad was a mix of GAS Zweite & Dritte. The start was as bad as it could be, with GAS not being awake in the beginning. After 3 mistakes, or let’s say chain of mistakes, GAS was down 0:3 at minute 10. Thereafter, we slowly got into the game. After the water break, GAS started to build the pressure up, but dangerous chances were just “Fehlanzeige”. The 0:4 was a nice cross from the left and the first goal that was assisted by GAS players.

In the second half, GAS hardly managed to have any possession for the first 10 minutes. After that, a slightly improved situation, with some attempts offensively, though nothing dangerous. During a built up situation, we again carelessly lost the ball, resulting in the 0:5. Free kick with a header from Jens just beside the post as well as one more shot on goal remained the closest we could get to a goal.
Overall a used day for GAS, who was not able to compete with MYK. Thanks for the GAS Dritte support.

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Sun 28 Apr 2024




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